Stevenage: Looking back to the future

15th July 2021By Ana HenriquesWayfinding

Stevenage Borough Council commissioned Maynard to design a bespoke wayfinding system for its historic Town Centre, supporting the £1bn regeneration programme that will bring the town back to the forefront of modern urban development in the 21st century.

Meet the team

6th April 2021By Finn ButlerWayfinding

Get to know our team. From favourite projects to superpowers, lessons learned, or the books currently on our bedside table.

The Airport Experience in a post Covid-19 World

1st July 2020By Finn ButlerWayfinding

For many Australians, air travel is an essential part of our life – whether to see family, an interstate commute for work or the holiday of a lifetime. The absence of a viable intercity rail system coupled with the sheer size of Australia, has meant that air travel has become embedded within our national identity; two of the busiest air routes in the world are found in Australia, with each Australian flying 2.9 times per year as compared to 2.4 flights per year for the average American citizen.

Women in Wayfinding

1st March 2019By Hayley BranstonWayfinding, Graphic Design, Signage

2018 raised some hard-hitting issues surrounding gender equality, from pioneering movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, and enforcing gender pay gap reporting. These movements have forced us to reflect on our own experiences as women working in the design industry, to consider this effect on our professional lives, and to address where and how things can be improved.