Bacon’s Law

25th October 2021By Sarah LomasInsight Article, Product Design

In the summer of 2017 whilst visiting family in the UK, I had decided to meet up with some old colleagues from my time working in London, and also visit a company called Maynard who had recently won a Metro project in my home city of Melbourne. I found myself sat across the meeting room table from Julian … Read More

Is this the end of the humble push button?

22nd May 2020By Kate PlebanProduct Design, Signage

The city as we know it, is changing. Amidst the global pandemic of COVID-19 our cities, our neighbourhoods and our people have had to adapt to a new way of being. Physical distancing restrictions have changed the way we communicate, connect, interact, move and function within both our public and private worlds.

Rise of the Machines

20th June 2019By Sarah LomasProduct Design

The doom and gloom of the future job market is regularly speculated in the media. We are told that the rapid development of technology is likely to result in robots fulfilling 6.5 million jobs in Australia alone by 2030 (1) and the Bank of England has previously warned that up to 15 million jobs are at risk in Britain (2).

Obsession: Blade Runner

3rd September 2017By Julian MaynardGraphic Design, Product Design

Ridley Scott and Syd Mead built a vision of 2019 based on clear socio-economic principles. Even as their future coincides with our present, it never feels like fantasy. I became aware of Blade Runner when I was a student in Manchester studying industrial design.