Meet the team

What's your favourite part of a project timeline?

I love the beginning stage when you are immersing yourself in the project. I really enjoy site visits, getting to know the area/building and the people who use it. Once you’ve collected all the data and really get to understand a place, it’s people and its challenges you begin to have these moments where ideas or possible solutions emerge. It’s not always a single Eureka moment, but nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction you have when you’ve managed to distil something quite complex into a much simpler solution.


User Journey



Name one designer that inspires you.

Lance Wyman – A strong believer that a picture can tell a thousand words, but also promotes the value of ‘getting out on the streets’ and creating something that ‘won’t just disappear’. During my university days it was the first time I came across a designer and thought, yes that is exactly what I want to be doing! A creative, practical, hands on designer who wants to make a difference in the world and wasn’t afraid to try something new.


Mexico Olympics



What's the most challenging/rewarding project you've worked on?

The most rewarding project I have worked on to date has to be the wayfinding for the London Bridge station redevelopment. I loved the challenge of trying to simplify a complex environment and not just in terms of the final station, but how the station would evolve through the various construction stages. I really enjoyed the practical side too, being based on site and being able to test our designs in a live station environment was an invaluable learning experience. We had a great team made up of different organisations and disciplines and I really enjoyed working closely with Network Rail to create a system we were all proud of and believed in.


London Bridge



Getting personal now, are you a tea or coffee person?

Definitely coffee, I’ve really missed popping in to Pophams on the way to work during lockdown, although that may also have something to do with the amazing pastries!





What are you reading at the moment?

I’ve just purchased a new book of Short Stories in Spanish by Olly Richards. Not the most complex plotlines (imagine the type of book you had when you were learning to read at school), but it has some great tips which I hope will take my learning to the next level.




Thanks for joining us!