Wayfinding Scheme of the Year 2020

We recently received something exciting in the mail! The British Sign Awards have recognised our work for Chelsea Barracks as ‘Wayfinding Scheme of the Year 2020’

Our initial exploration sought to achieve a balance between remembering the past whilst looking to the future. The delivery of the new visual identity for the wayfinding graphics and products gives a nod to local and historical craftsmanship and materials, whilst creating a timeless and high-quality system befitting of the future vision for the site.

Visit the project page here.

Award plaque next to sign prototype at Maynard studio

Peter Brown, Maynard Associate Director

Congratulations to Peter Brown, who has been promoted to Associate Director in Australia.

Peter joined Maynard in 2013 in London, where he quickly became an integral part of the Industrial Design and Infrastructure team delivering Crossrail C100 & Contractor Support packages.

Over the past 5 years, he has been instrumental to the growth of Maynard in Australia, leading the Industrial Design team and delivering projects such as Melbourne Metro Tunnel, Cross River Rail, while leading the development of Maynard’s Rail Infrastructure team through various bids in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Peter Brown, Maynard Associate Director

The Foundry

The Foundry has been the home of Maynard’s London studio for the past 3 years. It’s the place where we come together to brainstorm ideas, prototype and test concepts, go for lunchtime walks by the canal, and ultimately design products and spaces that better the lives of the people who use them.

During this past year, we’ve all learnt to adapt. We’ve also learnt we can, and should, be the ones defining the new normal. Cullinan Studio is doing just that – taking the opportunity presented by the lockdown to create a multi-disciplinary co-working environment for the Foundry. 

We are excited to welcome the new practices that will be joining us and look forward to collaborating and inspiring one another!

“Design is a collaborative process and having other specialists all together in the Foundry will enable us to share ideas and support each other on future projects.”

— Julian Maynard, Managing Director

Maynard Design studio interior