Women in Wayfinding

1st March 2019By Hayley BranstonWayfinding, Graphic Design, Signage

2018 raised some hard-hitting issues surrounding gender equality, from pioneering movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, and enforcing gender pay gap reporting. These movements have forced us to reflect on our own experiences as women working in the design industry, to consider this effect on our professional lives, and to address where and how things can be improved.

The subtle art of signage

3rd September 2017By Simon LeeWayfinding, Graphic Design, Signage, Events & Exhibitions

Simon Lee told Exhibition News about when it comes to event signage, getting visitors from A to B is an art form. It didn’t take long, however, for them to become clear that signage can influence the visitor journey round an exhibition in much more subtle and complex ways than simply pointing them in the right direction.

Obsession: Blade Runner

3rd September 2017By Julian MaynardGraphic Design, Product Design

Ridley Scott and Syd Mead built a vision of 2019 based on clear socio-economic principles. Even as their future coincides with our present, it never feels like fantasy. I became aware of Blade Runner when I was a student in Manchester studying industrial design.