Are beacons the future of internal wayfinding?

21st August 2017By Rosie SmithWayfinding, Signage

Whilst you may rely on GPS to guide you outside or place you on a map, inside a building you may find the GPS signal you rely on bounces around and becomes very erratic. However we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, so what are the solutions for digital internal wayfinding? And could beacons be the answer?

Understanding why we behave the way we do

3rd September 2017By Kate JefferyWayfinding

How our brains make the decisions we take is fundamental to the wayfinding design process, Maynard are excited to join the Royal Institute of Navigation’s ‘Cognition and Navigation’ special interest group, recently initiated to explore opportunities to apply the latest scientific thinking into real-world environments.

Design for inclusivity (and its challenges)

21st August 2017By Guy HohmannWayfinding, Signage

Approximately 1 person in 30 across the UK are living with sight loss. This is set to increase dramatically in the future; an ageing population, coupled with a growth in key underlying causes of sight loss such as obesity and diabetes, means that the number of people affected is set to rise from 2 million to nearly 4 million by 2050.