Environ-mental design

2nd October 2018By Ana HenriquesWayfinding

Some cognitive neuroscientists hold that the environment we experience is, in fact, part of our mind. If that is the case, how can a single environment be a part of several people’s minds?

Fortified City

15th March 2018By Hayley BranstonWayfinding

Head of wayfinding, Hayley Branston, details her evaluation and approach to Maynard’s self initiated, in-house design competition ‘Fortified City’.

Mud maps

26th October 2017By Finn ButlerWayfinding, Signage

Two travellers meet on a path – once the usual pleasantries are out of the way, the conversation begins to focus on important matters… Where have you travelled from? What is the condition of the route? Was it hard or easy terrain? Were there any dangerous sections or good places to stop along the way?

The subtle art of signage

3rd September 2017By Simon LeeWayfinding, Graphic Design, Signage, Events & Exhibitions

Simon Lee told Exhibition News about when it comes to event signage, getting visitors from A to B is an art form. It didn’t take long, however, for them to become clear that signage can influence the visitor journey round an exhibition in much more subtle and complex ways than simply pointing them in the right direction.