Sir Howard Morrison Centre

Rotorua’s Sir Howard Morrison Centre is destined to reclaim its place among Aotearoa’s most beloved performing arts venues. In exceptional new facilities built where the performing arts greats of our past once held forth, a new generation of performers will find their feet on the stage.

There, but not there

Our wayfinding concept grew from a collaboratively developed brief which emphasized a sense of being present in the space: kei kōnei koe. Manaakitanga is present in the client’s wish that the wayfinding be ‘there, but not there’ – coming forward to welcome and assist, but receding when help is not required. The outcome adopted Rotorua’s wood-first policy within an iconic pictogram suite.

Rich in culture

Artist Henriata Nicholas’ site artworks define a renewed celebration of the cultural potency of Rotorua and the lakes. Our wayfinding sits beneath, and borrows from, these works – using a ground pattern derived from traditional tāniko, which then defines the geometric language of the three-dimensional pictograms. Gloss finishes subtly catch the light, in celebration of the magic of the theatre.

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