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Year of the Bus

Year of the Bus – Graphic Oyster Card Holders

Whilst logging onto to Gmail today I noticed that todays google doodle was celebrating the Year of the Bus.

As silly as it sounds, and given most of our work is transport based, none of us in the studio were aware of it being the Year of the Bus. However it appears that TfL have been busy putting together some celebratory souvenirs and collaborating with the likes of Outline Artists to curate a series of ten limited edition Oyster Card holders featuring original artwork by some of the UK’s most exciting image makers. Who’d of thought the bus could be so cool! My particular favourite is Crispin Finn’s ‘ding dong’ which is a cheeky nod to Carry on the Buses. These can all be purchased online via.

Crispin Finn Image Jean Jullian Image Kate Moross Image Malika Favre Image Rod Hunt Image