Transport Design Consultancy - Maynard

With over 20 years combined experience in the sector, the team at Maynard has developed a strong and varied transport design portfolio, and become a specialist in the field.

Collaborating with both architects and engineers from some of the world’s top agencies, Maynard have worked on many high profile transport projects including Waterloo and Ashford International, Jubilee line extension, Transport for New South Wales and Crossrail.

Crossrail Architectural Components: A vision of future transport

Maynard forms part of the multi-disciplinary C100 consortium for the Crossrail project alongside Atkins, Grimshaw and GIA Equation. The brief was to design a unified family of products and systems, creating a Crossrail line wide identity. Our aim was to design a modern, minimal, elegant and functional transport environment that enhances the passenger experience.

Each station is designed by a different architectural and engineering team. Our work focused on the below ground tunnel environments where a common design language was created with a family of architectural components.

London Bridge Signage & Wayfinding: Expanding London’s oldest and busiest station

Part of the Thameslink Programme, London’s oldest and busiest station is being redeveloped and expanded. In partnership with Grimshaw, Maynard were briefed to develop a wayfinding strategy for London Bridge that forms the framework for the sign system.


Adopting an integrated approach, we treated signs, customer information and advertising as complementary parts of a unified system of visual information. Using the existing Network Rail signage guidelines as a baseline, we developed a wayfinding strategy that; places the station in a longer customer journey; relies on the built form to create a intuitive wayfinding environment; uses a sign system that is simple and consistent; and uses a modern and economic product family.

Jubilee Line Extension: Regenerating history

The regeneration of London’s Docklands had started and the City’s financial heart was moving eastwards towards Canary Wharf. As a result, an extension to the Jubilee Line connecting central London with the South and East was proposed. Under the leadership of Roland Paoletti, the best in British architecture were briefed to develop the unique station designs.


Paoletti’s vision was for each station to be designed by a different architect. The challenge came when creating a unified product family that would be practical, cost-effective and would represent a visually coherent line-wide service identity. Over the course of 5 years, Julian and his team were responsible for designing, sourcing, manufacturing and installing a family of industrial components.