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Designs of the Year Exhibition 2015

Last Friday we packed up the studio early, rounded up the troops and made our way to the Design Museum to see the annual Designs of the Year exhibition.

There was something for everyone over the 6 categories and we each gravitated towards the entries that peaked our interest.

Design Museum

Our love of graphics attracted us to Franchise by Animography, a free animated typeface whos playful, mesmerising characters fluttered and leapt about the screen. Endgrain by Raw Edges studio was a project which stood out by virtue of being a process, rather than a product – suggesting an open-endedness refreshing in an industry with a penchant for full-stops. In the architecture category PitchAfrica’s Waterbanks project was a satisfying blend of considered landscape intervention and real functional value to the community in a challenging context.



The exhibition was undoubtedly tech dominated though not tech overrun. While products like Google’s genuinely cute self-driving car hinted at an exciting future, some highlights this year were objects with no aspirations to connectivity. Three lovely pieces of printed material – the magazines Archivist and Riposte, and Irma Boom’s ethereal embossed book for Chanel, were worthy standard bearers for the gravitas of the printed page.

Google Car




Though we couldn’t agree on who should be the winner we all did agree that the quality and variety of the entries this year was excellent. Indeed we’re still talking about it a week on and all eagerly await the announcement of the winners on the 4th June.