Keith Haring Feature Image

The radiant baby

A lot of the graphic work we do here at Maynard involves designing pictograms. Sometimes they can be more sedate in their style other times more far out. A particular artist that we like to reference for the playfulness of his work is Keith Haring whom’s artwork was mostly made up of dancing stickman style characters or what […]


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Colourant Feature Image

Splash of colour

Starting the week off with a splash of colour, Colourant is a series of floating sculptures by Floto + Warner Studio that pass you by as an imperceptible flash. A fleeting moment, that blocks and obscures the landscape, a momentary graffiti of air and space. Pretty cool huh and there is no photoshop used in […]


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Razzle Dazzle Feature Image

Razzle Dazzle

For anyone walking along the embankment this week you may have been baffled by an unusual looking war ship berthed on the Thames, and that is exactly how it should be – just as German U-boat captains were baffled and confused 100 years ago. The ship is there to shed light on one of the […]


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Weather Infographic Feature Image

Weather permitting

In a broad sense what information graphics, or infographics as they are sometimes referred to, do is to condense information into a form where it will be more easily absorbed by the reader. When a complex piece of information needs to be described quickly, precisely and clearly, a graphic is often more suitable. Most people […]


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NYC Transit Feature Image

Setting the guidelines

Guidelines as they should be! via 


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Object Feature Image

Introducing Object – our annual studio newspaper

At the start of the year we launched our annual studio newspaper – Object. Designed to showcase what we’ve been up to, our new work and give an insight to studio life at Maynard. Here’s a quick preview of what’s inside. If you’d like a copy the please email us at and we’ll get […]


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Floriandelassee Feature Image

Water under the bridge

Bridges over the River Seine seen in a different way by artist Floriane de Lassee. Via


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Concrete Feature Image

5 ways with concrete

To some concrete is ugly, but to others it’s beauty. Here we’ve selected 5 ways concrete has been used in a more subtle way. All images found via  


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Sahara Memorial Feature Image

Sahara Desert Memorial

An incredible story of the creation of a memorial for a flight that never reached it’s destination. On 19 September 1989 UTA flight 772 was travelling from Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo to Paris when it was blown up over the Sahara desert. All 156 passengers and 14 crew members were killed. Where the French […]


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Serpentine Feature Image

Serpentine Pavilion 2014

It’s coming up to that time of year again when we can kick off our shoes, sit back and relax in a experimental and innovative surrounding right in the heart of London. This years Serpentine Pavilion is by Chilean architect Smiljan Radic. Radic is the fourteenth architect to accept the invitation to design a temporary Pavilion outside the entrance to the […]


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Infographic Feature Image

Animated information

Infographics don’t necessarily have to be static. With more and more information being broadcast and read online this has opened up an opportunity for animated graphics to convey the message. In some respects it makes it easier for complex information to be digested in a step by step way – drip feeding information through to […]


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Identity and the golden era

With the recent launch of the latest gem from Unit Editions, Manuals 1 Design and Identity Guidelines, we thought we would showcase what we feel are the top 5 transport related identities. Starting with a homegrown design classic… 1. British Rail Identity In 1964 Design Research Unit, Britain’s first multi- disciplinary design agency, were commissioned to […]


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A station for the 21st Century

For the past 18 months, two members of the Maynard team have taken up residency at London Bridge, the City’s oldest and most complex train station. The re-development of the station is a complex one and as such, Lauren van Uden and Alex Dale have set up shop there both working closely with Grimshaw, the […]


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SDS_Award Feature Image

Maynard wins SDS Award!

We’re are honoured to have won the 2013 Sign Design Society (SDS) Information Design award for our Southampton City Council work. “Maynard have been the ideal agency to partner with for delivering our hugely successful legible wayfinding system. They have done an excellent job in redesigning both our public transport and cycling maps. The design […]


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