Active Travel in London

The number of cyclists in London has increased by 20% since the pandemic.

In Transport for London’s recently published Travel in London report new data suggests that “investment in London’s cycle network is enabling more people to cycle”.

Unlocking the potential for better health, lower pollution, and safer streets, walking and cycling active travel initiatives can act as creative catalysts for healthy, vibrant and social cities and neighbourhoods.

We’re excited to be working with local councils and Business Improvement Districts next year on a range of new pedestrian wayfinding projects around London and further across the UK, including Stratford, Aldgate, Greenwich Peninsula, Blackpool, and Northampton Town Centre. These schemes will encourage smooth transitions with expansive cycle networks which connect to further sustainable transport modes, nurturing inclusive social values and giving people the freedom to explore their local communities.

We look forward to seeing the conversations about #activetravel in the UK continue in 2024.