London Bridge Station Redevelopment

Maynard initiated new ways to navigate and experience London Bridge Station through its phased redevelopment, ensuring seamless journeys and connections. The five-year redevelopment allowed for a 60 percent increase in demand but also fundamentally changed how the station works.

Image by Ruth Ward

London Bridge Station is one of the busiest rail stations in the UK. With a foresight of future travel requirements, the signage is providing real time information for better onward journey planning. The increased capacity and potential modernisation demands presented many new challenges, which resulted in intuitive, intelligent wayfinding.

The phased implementation over a five-year period enabled the station to remain in use during the construction phase. This created a challenging coordination task for the design team, working on demolition, temporary and final conditions while keeping the station running with minimal disruption to passengers.

The design development team was a joint consortium between Hyder, WSP, Grimshaw and Maynard.

London Bridge Redevelopment
London Bridge Redevelopment