Frontline Buddy

Frontline Buddy is a mutual support programme originally developed for key workers during the current pandemic, but one which has much broader and far-reaching applications in our daily lives.

During 2020 Maynard were fortunate to work alongside Dr Emilios Lemontitias and help realise his landmark project Frontline Buddy.

Frontline Buddy is a mindset. Built by clinical psychiatrists, powered by those who care. The programme provides a platform for professionals to learn and share the tools which support their mental wellbeing along the frontline, whilst also motivating teammates to support each other when they really need it.

The programme provides a set of initiatives and principles that teams can take on and implement in their own departments.There’s no doubt that our frontline will continue to be challenged over the coming years. Maynard is eternally thankful to Dr Emilios Lemoniatis and his team for conceiving such a pivotal service that will benefit the whole of society, and for putting their trust in us to help deliver this landmark initiative.

NHS Covid Communications
NHS Covid Communications