Abrahamic Family House

Commissioned by the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity, The Abrahamic Family House is a multi-faith cultural attraction that will serve as a place of worship but also foster inter-religious dialogue and exchange. Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s new cultural district, it will sit alongside internationally renowned museums and cultural centres including the Louvre.

Image Credit: Adjaye Associates  
Abrahamic Family House Abu Dhabi Wayfinding
Maynard was commissioned, in collaboration with Adjaye Associates and BuroHappold, to deliver the wayfinding strategy, design and visitor experience for a site that consisted of a Mosque, Church, Synagogue, Welcome Centre, public gardens and car park.

The challenge was to create a system that was unique to each site, whilst bringing the values of the three Abrahamic religions together through a single visual identity and a consistent delivery of information.