Meet the team


Design phrase you live by?

Design is the management of change.

I have learned that the best part of the day is when my assumptions have been proved incorrect and someone has changed my view based on sound reasoning – its like a revolution for one!


Maynard designers



Favourite project you've worked on in your career to date?

Falls Creek Alpine Wayfinding System, the site audit was on cross country skis.


Cross country skis



How would you describe the Maynard team?

Eclectic. Many of our team have been drawn to our business from parallel disciplines, at the heart of it we are drawn together by the social impact of what we do.


Design Review



Favourite/most random thing you have designed?

Signage for a dog toilet in Heathrow airport that had to also accommodate miniature horses.


Heathrow airport signage



What do you do if you get a creative block during a project?

I change my space or the format I’m working in. Sometimes I brainstorm with paper and card in the back garden, I like using physical space to structure information.


Wayfinding Strategy



Hobbies you’re up to outside of work?

Normally I alternate weekly, between Freediving, riding the dirt bike or getting out in the 4×4.


Freediving and 4x4



Thanks for joining us!