Travel Behaviours

11th May 2020By Hayley BranstonUncategorised

The ‘new normal’ is a hot topic. Whilst it’s not yet clear exactly what this will be, it’s clear that our travel behaviours post-Coronavirus will be different to those before it. As a regular commuter I’m already starting to think about how my daily journey to London might change when lockdown is eased or ended.

Women in Wayfinding

1st March 2019By Hayley BranstonWayfinding, Graphic Design, Signage

2018 raised some hard-hitting issues surrounding gender equality, from pioneering movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, and enforcing gender pay gap reporting. These movements have forced us to reflect on our own experiences as women working in the design industry, to consider this effect on our professional lives, and to address where and how things can be improved.

Fortified City

15th March 2018By Hayley BranstonWayfinding

Head of wayfinding, Hayley Branston, details her evaluation and approach to Maynard’s self initiated, in-house design competition ‘Fortified City’.