Maynard is a design practice that creates wayfinding, graphics, products and environments for clients in the transport, commercial and urban realm sectors. Our work is diverse, from developing an urban wayfinding strategy, to the design of a product range for a new Metro line or creating a collection of street furniture.

User experience is at the heart of our process, ensuring highly bespoke and responsive design. Our ability to combine technical knowledge, design sensibility and craft helps us to create products and spaces that better the lives of the people who use them.


A Seamless System

We are excited to be consulting on the rollout of new SmartGates at Terminal 3 of Perth Airport. This technology will help to redefine the passenger experience, and will be rolled out nation-wide over the coming years. The new SmartGates will provide an advanced automatic self-processing system for incoming travellers, enabling it to meet the challenges of growing traveller numbers.

From Roots to Routes

We were honoured to be invited to speak at the Royal Institute of Navigation’s CogNav Symposium, where Simon Lee presented ‘Roots to Routes,’ an exploration of how our cultural backgrounds, customs, habits and expectations impact the way we find and process wayfinding information.

Object 3 is here

Following a year of international openings, big moves, project completions & new beginnings. In this issue we share our journey through the redevelopment of London Bridge, reflect on our recent expansion overseas, follow Paddington’s footsteps guided by our award winning portable signage, and more.