Maynard is a design practice that creates wayfinding, graphics, products and environments for clients in the transport, commercial and urban realm sectors. Our work is diverse, from developing an urban wayfinding strategy, to the design of a product range for a new Metro line or creating a collection of street furniture.

User experience is at the heart of our process, ensuring highly bespoke and responsive design. Our ability to combine technical knowledge, design sensibility and craft helps us to create products and spaces that better the lives of the people who use them.


Shenzhen Design Week 2019

We’re excited to announce we will be exhibiting at this year’s Shenzhen Design Week, Design for Sustainability! Come and see Julian Maynard and Gigi Ho at our stand in the London Pavilion from 19th-22nd April.

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Collaboration with RMIT University

We are honoured to be collaborating with RMIT University in Melbourne in running a design studio for students of the Industrial Design program. The brief involves the design and production of a public realm seating to be utilised in transport environments throughout Melbourne. Our team of Industrial Designers will guide students through the design and prototype process – involving ergonomics, sustainability, design life, user-testing and maintenance considerations.

Aotea – Te Pokapū, the Aotea Centre takes shape

Aotea – Te Pokapū Aotea Centre sits at the heart of Auckland’s CBD as one of the region’s most versatile and cultural conference venues. Maynard are working alongside refurbishment Architects, Stephenson & Turner, to deliver a bespoke bilingual wayfinding system. March marks the centre’s partial reopening, and the first glimpse of our new signs.