Water Under the Bridge - Floriane de Lassee - Maynard
Floriane de Lassee

Water Under the Bridge – Floriane de Lassee

Photographs of Bridges over the River Seine seen in a different way by artist Floriane de Lassee.

‘Skies Seine’ 2011-2014 by Floriane de Lassee Via

“Parisian bridge is the “top” and romantic ballads, one under which flows the Seine: the Simone de Beauvoir footbridge, the Bridge of Arts, the Pont Alexandre III. “Below” is one of the have-account.”

“So why not look at life from a different angle to open the field of possibilities, not to be locked into a single reality. The 4 × 5 view camera, turning prospects, makes us discover another dimension of our daily life, “life from below.””

Floriandelassee Bridge Image_01 Floriandelassee Bridge Image_02 Floriandelassee Bridge Image_03