Tomorrow's Train Design Today - Maynard

‘Connect Me’ is a train interior design concept with a focus on flexibility
and adaptability for medium term
time horizons.

The competition commissioned by Future Railway, Department for Transport and the Royal Institute of British Architects invited architects, engineers and designers worldwide to propose new design solutions to improve passenger rolling stock across the UK rail network. Maynard was shortlisted to develop their vision for the future of rail.


Maynard’s design vision ‘Connect Me’ is to improve the customer experience and increase capacity by integrating the digital and physical journey.


Maynard developed the ‘Connect Me App’, a digital tool that allows the passenger to select journey preferences such as large luggage space, leaning seat or bicycle storage, giving the operator a greater understanding of the service they need to provide for any specific route. Allowing them to tailor the environment accordingly by using a set of modular, configurable elements.





The trains environment increases efficiency, interactivity and comfort. The flip up seats create a flexible environment, in the upright position during high capacity creating a highly efficient open layout that allows for fast ingress and egress, reducing station dwell times. In low capacity the booth seating creates sociable spaces for families and large groups.


The large ‘ribbon’ like passenger information screen communicates with the passenger keeping them informed with real time updates. It can guide the passenger to the nearest exit, inform them on where there is more space in the train and tell the passenger how long it will be to the next stop.


Smart LED ambient lighting adapts during the day and the seasons to help improve passenger comfort. Soft warm lighting during morning and evening travel helps to bring a calming effect to high capacity journeys.


To enhance the customer experience we have incorporated details such as conductive charging, enabling passengers to use the onboard wireless and travel app with comfort that their device can be charged en-route. Flooring texture and colour promotes movement through the dynamic contrast of light and dark floor zones which act much like a road and pavement, encouraging passenger traffic flow off the isle and into the available space.


The interior components are constructed out of honest materials, creating a tactile and ‘visually quiet’ environment. These materials have been selected based on functional, environmental and aesthetic criteria.