Southampton Cycle Route Map - Maynard

Southampton were keen to improve their provision for cyclists in the City. We were asked to redesign the existing map that they felt was cluttered, difficult to read and visually inconsistent.

During 2010 and 2011 Southampton City Council delivered a new wayfinding legible city scheme. In partnership with Atkins we had previously been involved with the product development of the new signage system for Southampton.

As a result of this successful phase of work, we were commissioned to design a range of new bus stop signage, information posters and more recently new public transport and cycle route maps.

The Council felt that Southampton’s previous maps were graphically cluttered, difficult to understand and visually inconsistent. The complex nature of the City’s bus and cycle networks resulted in the need for simplicity. Maynard devised a clear graphic language that relied on colour coding to aid legibility and provides detailed transport information in a clear and concise way.

We based the map design on the established Legible City visual identity using core graphic elements to provide the consistency that was previously lacking. Both maps were meticulously designed as a pair, supporting the client’s mission to create a unified system across the City.

We are honoured to have won the 2013 Sign Design Society (SDS) Information Design award for this work.

Southampton Cycle Map Image_01

Southampton Cycle Map Image_02

We designed the new map to coordinate with Southampton’s new legible city visual identity.


Using the same core graphic elements ensures that the cycle map is consistent with the City’s wayfinding language and easier for people to use.

Southampton Cycle Map Image_03

Southampton Cycle Map Image_04

We are proud to have won the 2013 Sign Design Society (SDS) Information Design award for our work on the Southampton cycle maps.

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Southampton Cycle Map Image_06

Southampton Cycle Map Image_07