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Maynard Design wins SDS Award!


We’re are honoured to have won the 2013 SDS Award (Sign Design Society) for Information Design for our Southampton City Council work.

The Council felt that Southampton’s previous maps were graphically cluttered, difficult to understand and visually inconsistent. The complex nature of the City’s bus and cycle networks resulted in the need for simplicity. Maynard devised a clear graphic language that relied on colour coding to aid legibility and provides detailed transport information in a clear and concise way.

We based our design and strategy on the visual identity that had been developed for the Southampton Legible City in order to create a visually coherent family of elements and guidelines for the City’s bus infrastructure. Both maps were meticulously designed as a pair, supporting the client’s mission to create a unified system across the City.

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“Maynard have been the ideal agency to partner with for delivering our hugely successful legible wayfinding system. They have done an excellent job in redesigning both our public transport and cycling maps. The design has been well received in the community and is simple, easy to use and reflects exactly what Southampton is moving towards”

– Paul Walker, Travel & Transport Manager, Southampton City Council

See the project here.