Crossrail Art Programme - Maynard

The relationship between art and architecture holds an important function in terms of shaping the future of London’s cultural landscape.

Crossrail believe in the value of combining the art and business so took the initiative to launch the Crossrail Public Art Programme in early 2011 to start realise this vision and seek sponsorship.

We were briefed to create a brand identity for the programme along with the first marketing pack for Paddington station that the team could use to showcase the programme to potential sponsors. We believed that the brand style should highlight the diversity and vibrance of the places and people it will touch with a key focus being on art. We developed a graphic style that expressed creativity through the use of hand painted lettering and bold colours. We wanted the brand style to be fun, expressive and engaging.

Crossrail Art Image_01

Crossrail Art Image_02

Crossrail Art Image_03

Maynard were initially briefed to design an identity and supporting visual language for the programme. We went on to design a launch marketing pack for the team to promote the programme to potential sponsors.

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We developed a graphic style that expressed creativity through the use of hand-painted lettering and bold colours. The brand style is designed to be irreverent, expressive and dynamic to engage audiences and reflect the personality of the programme.