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ABP Ports Wayfinding System

All Hands on Deck – ABP Ports Wayfinding System

It’s been a busy couple of months here at Maynard…

Our energetic team of designers have been roaming up and down the country as part of our recent commission to deliver a brand new wayfinding strategy for 21 ports across England, Scotland and Wales.

Our Client, Associated British Ports (ABP), is the UK’s leading ports group and we were delighted to win a highly competitive tender process to deliver this study. ABP’s vision is to develop a consistent signage and wayfinding system that facilitates the safe and efficient movement of all port user groups, whilst enhancing the overall customer and visitor experience.


Ports are busy, complex environments that can be extremely demanding for the user. Similar to any transport interchange, it is important that all visitors are able to get in and out quickly, efficiently and safely – thus avoiding any delay to their onward journey.

The project, involving the preparation of a wayfinding strategy, guideline document, and signage product family will be completed over a 7 month period, with a phased implementation process to follow across all 21 port locations.

As with all our wayfinding projects, the first step in the process involves developing a thorough understanding of each site – including early engagement with key stakeholders such as port user groups, site management and operations teams.

Our intrepid team has covered over 3,000 miles (primarily by public transport!) to visit and audit each port in detail. We’re now looking forward to the warmth and comfort of our studio where we can start developing the wayfinding strategy in earnest.

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